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Thursday, 06/14/2012, 09:27 am

Rogan: Judges Who Suck Should Be Fired | UFC NEWS

Joe Rogan hosts The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Joe Rogan is now amongst the hordes of fight fans and UFC brass alike who are calling for a massive recall of current MMA judges due to their blatant lack of MMA knowledge. In an Interview with Bloody Elbow, Joe discusses why there needs to be a serious reform with MMA judging.

“I think they should fire judges that suck. I don’t understand how someone can keep their job over and over again while screwing up over and over. What do you call that exactly? Extreme incompetence. How does someone judge any sort of combat sport without at least a passing interest in the sport? If you pulled aside, and I don’t want to name any names, but if you pulled aside some of those judges from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, that has notoriously had horrific scoring, and started asking them about fighters that aren’t fighting in the UFC, would they know anything about them? Would they know anything about who the top judo guy is? Would they even know anything about Gilbert Melendez¬†and how good he is? Do these guys know how you set up an armbar? If I sat them down and said, ‘Do an armbar on this guy’, would they be able to do that? I think you’ve got to know when a guy’s in trouble and when a guy’s not in trouble, and the only way to know that, is to have actually trained. I don’t think you can be a person who judges martial arts without being an expert in martial arts.”




36 Responses to “Rogan: Judges Who Suck Should Be Fired | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zulwali says:

    where can i find the link for this broadcast?

  2. CanILive says:

    in martial arts, who judges the competitions? black belts and/or instructors….. so it should be that way as well

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Title says it all. ‘Nuff said

  4. Lol says:

    This nd judges who suck shouldnt be hired!! These judges have no clue about mma!! They are in the gambling mob aka athletic commision. Fuck them all!!

  5. lol says:

    Ooooolllldddddddd podcast..

  6. Xaninho says:

    Can’t agree more on this. Anyone who sucks at his/her job gets fired. How is it possible that these incompetent judges can keep messing up witout any consequences?

  7. mike says:

    Fuckin’ A. TY Joe Rogan.

  8. 16v149 says:

    Since when did Joe no every thing, realize this, after the Manny P

    fight, and wants on the band wagon. Say something orginal, rogan .

    Notice he hugs the winners after a match , even when he knows it was

    a bias decision. Bas where are you ?

  9. Crooklyn says:

    Why the hell are you guys continually ripping off my content with no credit???????? Post a link ffs!!!!

  10. 16v149 says:

    Oh DQ BJ Penn is where I get my mma news, not rush limbaugh

  11. I usually don’t like Joe Rogan but I have to agree with him on this issue. Too many times judges are not trained enough in that martial art to understand if you’re in a good position or not. Same goes with some of the refs.

  12. DMAC says:

    Powerful Rogan! Work all day Joe Rogan podcast all day!

  13. m says:

    He’s absolutely right. Someday they’ll get it right and put former fighters or at least people who train in MMA behind the scorecards.

    Maybe they need more than 3 judges.

  14. Powerdbl87 says:

    Don’t need black belts as judges just people who have actual Mma experience look at the best refs they have fight experience Herb Dean, big John

  15. mean maori mma says:

    joe should be saying this to dana white

    • Xaninho says:

      He probably did, but Dana White is not the one who appoints the judges. The state athletic commission does that.

      • jwise says:

        Exactly in order to have a fight it first has to get sanctioned by the nsac who inturn then they pick who the judges are and it wouldn’t surprise me that some of those judges are on the take. Let’s take about refs that make early stoppages there too!!!

  16. B-rad says:

    commentators who suck should get fired so get rid of goldie id rather have kenflo, or frank mir hell bas rutten would be 10000000X a better commentator than mike goldberg.. i liked him when he first started with the ufc but then he got annoying and hes pretty dumb, didnt even know the difference between porteguese and japenese and rogan said he was married to a japenise girl lol

    • Xaninho says:

      Florian is boring as shit. Frank Mir is a bit better, but he sounds like an annoying know-it-all and Bas Rutten only talks about his past fights during a fight.

      Goldberg is dumb, but the combination Rogan-Goldberg works. I garantuee when you put Florian, Mir or Rutten next to Rogan it wouldn’t work.

    • Rodriguez says:

      The person I hate most in this world is Kenny Florian…He absolutely sucks!!! What about Tito?

  17. WiseOwl says:

    NSAC should start judging Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding events too, their sport knowledge transends across all playing fields.

  18. Vanilla-Gorilla says:

    There is no clear solution to this problem. But here’s a crazy idea…Let the fans decide. Setup 800 numbers, texting, Apps for smart phones or a voting method for those fights on PPV, and let the masses vote. Yeah you’re going to have those that’d vote for a fighter based on popularity, like you’d bet on your favorite NFL Team. In the end, the final tally would without a doubt declare a winner (works for American Idol). And who’d be left to complain.

    It’d be a good way to generate revenue.

    Don’t run this sport like the government runs our Country.

    Just a thought.

    • Cagin says:

      Ridiculous idea. All that would happen is fans would vote for their favorite fighter. You would see the more popular fighters win the fights. Especially if they were close.

  19. Prodigy says:

    Thats true but….sounds more to me like joe is just defending ju jitsu because that all he ever does. A judge should have love for the sport and actually be interested in it. Just because you go to college and you have a degree doesnt make you an expert in judging martial arts. If you have no interest then it just makes it another job, clock in and clock out.

  20. hazza says:

    Demien Maia has started judging. Need more guys like that. I wish he didn’t retire from fighting though. One of my favorites

  21. Kjtrlt says:

    You tell them Joe! I don’t know why they are kept on either. Not only is their crap performance a bummer for fans, it hurts careers, the lives of fighters! Not a small issue as the UFC grows, the number of shows increases, etc.


    Junichirou Kamijo is the best judge in MMA hands down

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